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Explore New Experiences with the Latest Features of Clip Studio Paint Ver 2.0!

1 Oktober 2023

Explore New Experiences with the Latest Features of Clip Studio Paint Ver 2.0!

Excellent news for loyal Clip Studio users! With the latest updates in the software, it is even easier to create poses for illustrations and enhancing the vibrancy of colors. Discover the following features that are packed into version 2 of the app for drawing and painting, manga, webtoon and all other types of comics.

When Was Clip Studio Paint Ver 2.0 Released?

Clip Studio Paint Version 2.0 was initially released on March 14, 2023. Since then, they Celsys have continued to provide updates and additions to these features. This update offers many benefits to loyal users, such as saving time for illustrators, webtoon creators, manhwa or manga artists, and providing new experiences when using Clip Studio Paint.

What Features Can We Find in Ver 2.0?

1. 3D Tools

Clip Studio Paint has introduced a highly anticipated feature: improved 3D tools. Many illustrators often struggle with drawing precise angles, sizes, or facial shapes. Some even resort to using other applications or manual tools to improve the character's image.

In this new update, Ver 2.0 offers two essential tools: the 3D head model and the hand poser scanner. You can now adjust the size, position, and angle of facial features, whether you prefer realistic, anime-style, cartoon proportions, or even skeletal features. The hand poser tool includes an automatic camera feature for capturing hand poses, making it easier to draw your character's fingers and hands. Additionally, a mirror pose feature has been added in the Sub Tool Details palette when a 3D drawing figure or 3D character is selected using the Object tool.

2. Webtoon Features

These features are particularly beneficial for webtoon artists. Webtoons are known for their vertical scroll format designed for smartphones. Adjusting image and dialogue spacing to fit smartphone screens can significantly enhance the reading experience.

Clip Studio Paint now includes an On-screen area (webtoon) function that allows you to preview and check how your images will appear on a smartphone. With Ver 2.0, the webtoon canvas settings have become more practical, allowing you to add or delete vertical parts of the canvas easily.

3. Automatic Shading Tool

For artists struggling with shading, especially in webtoons, the automatic shading tool can be a game-changer. This tool lets you change light placement, direction, shadow colors, and adjust shadows while previewing your work. You can find the Shading Assist feature in the Edit menu.

4. New Update: Mixing Mode for Realistic Brush Blending

Clip Studio Paint has updated the brush blending feature in the Mixing mode to provide more realistic color blending. By selecting Perceptual in the Ink section of the Sub Tool Detail palette for Brush-type tools, you can achieve a more realistic and intuitive color blending experience. Enabling Brightness correction allows for even more detailed adjustments to mixed colors, resulting in lifelike art.

5. New Update: Simple Mode for Smartphones and Tablets for Beginners

In Ver. 2.0.5, Clip Studio Paint introduced the Simple Mode for smartphones, offering easy access to various tools and features compared to the traditional mode. However, you can switch back to Studio Mode at any time. In Ver. 2.1.0, released on July 27, 2023, Simple Mode became available for tablets, with similar functionalities as the smartphone version. It includes a selection of convenient features suitable even for beginners in digital art. From basic illustration tools to 3D drawing figures, Close and Fill, and Liquify, Simple Mode is designed to ease the learning curve while allowing users to switch back to Studio Mode when desired.

6. Discount for Version 2.0

Users of Version1 for Windows and macOS can upgrade to version 2 at a discounted price.

・Upgrade from Clip Studio Paint PRO Ver1.0 to PRO Ver2.0 $19.99 (SAVE $30.00)

・Upgrade from Clip Studio Paint EX Ver1.0 to EX Ver2.0 $56.99 (SAVE $162.01)

Further, to enjoy all the new features that will be included in the future, users can obtain an Update Pass for the perpetual license or a monthly subscription plan. Both versions provide access to new features as soon as they are released.

For more information about Clip Studio Paint's new update features, purchases, and tutorials on how to use them, please visit the official app website: https://www.clipstudio.net/id/ 

You can find many tips and resources to enhance your experience with the app.

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