About Us

We are

As an online comic publisher based in Indonesia, our mission is to empower and support artists in achieving their goals. We provide a platform that serves as a gateway for talented comic creators to showcase their work to a wider audience and connect with fans both locally and globally.

At our core, we are committed to fostering a thriving artistic community and helping artists navigate the world of comics. We believe in providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where creators can freely express their creativity, experiment with different styles and genres, and bring their stories to life. Through our platform, artists can gain exposure, build their fan base, and monetize their creations. We offer various tools, resources, and guidance to assist artists in honing their skills, refining their storytelling techniques, and improving their overall craft.

We understand the challenges that artists face, such as limited opportunities, financial constraints, and a competitive industry. Therefore, we strive to create a supportive ecosystem that empowers artists, provides them with fair compensation for their work, and helps them navigate the business aspects of the industry.
By partnering with us, artists can focus on what they do best: creating captivating and engaging comics. We handle the technical aspects, distribution, and promotion, allowing them to reach a wider audience and concentrate on their artistic journey.

Ultimately, our goal is to be a catalyst for artists' success, providing them with a platform to showcase their talent, connect with their audience, and turn their passion for comics into a sustainable and fulfilling career.

We have four ideals that capture the essence of how our publisher company operates:

  • #mulaidarisini , represents the beginning of an artist's journey with our company, emphasizing that their path to success starts right here at Koomik. We provide a platform that welcomes and supports artists from the very start, offering them the opportunity to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience.

  • #deadlineadalahteman , we assure artists that they need not worry about publication deadlines. We understand the importance of allowing creators to focus on their craft without unnecessary stress. By establishing a supportive and organized workflow, we ensure that artists have ample time and resources to create their best work, knowing that deadlines are there to be their friend, not a source of anxiety.

  • #paytoappreciate , signifies our commitment to acknowledging and valuing the hard work and dedication of comic creators. We believe that readers should have the opportunity to show their appreciation for the artists' efforts. Through our platform, readers can make voluntary contributions or donations as a token of their support and admiration for the comics they enjoy.

  • #readerjadiduit , reflects our innovative approach to monetizing the reach and engagement of comic content. We understand that more readers mean more potential income for artists. By leveraging our platform's analytics and monetization strategies, we convert the total number of viewers into financial rewards for artists, creating a win-win situation where increased readership translates to increased revenue.

With these four ideals, we aim to convey our commitment to nurturing artists' journeys, providing a stress-free publishing experience, encouraging reader appreciation, and creating income opportunities based on readership. Together, we strive to build a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem where artists can thrive and readers can engage with captivating comic content.


We are immensely proud of the achievements we have garnered as a company. Here's a description highlighting our notable accomplishments:

  • BIP [ 2020 ]

    In 2020, we were selected for a prestigious government funding program after successfully competing with 1,500 companies. This recognition not only affirmed the quality and potential of our online comic publishing platform but also provided us with the necessary resources to further enhance our services and support for artists.

  • AKI [ 2021 ]

    The following year, in 2021, we had the honor of being chosen by the government to receive a complimentary booth at a prominent exhibition. This opportunity, earned by surpassing over 4,000 competing companies, allowed us to showcase our company's vision, achievements, and the exceptional work of our talented artists to a wider audience. It served as a testament to the impact and innovation we bring to the comic publishing industry.

  • HETEROSTARTUP [ 2021 ]

    Additionally, in 2021, we were privileged to be selected for a government mentoring program, outshining 1,600 other companies. This remarkable opportunity provided us with invaluable guidance and support from industry experts. Through this mentorship, we gained valuable insights and knowledge to refine our strategies, strengthen our operations, and further elevate the experiences we offer to both artists and readers.

    These achievements not only underscore our commitment to excellence but also reflect the recognition and trust we have earned from esteemed government institutions. We are grateful for the support and opportunities provided, as they have played a vital role in propelling our company forward, fostering our growth, and solidifying our position as a leader in the online comic publishing domain.

    As we continue our journey, we remain dedicated to empowering artists, amplifying their voices, and revolutionizing the way comics are created, shared, and appreciated. Our success is intertwined with the success of the talented individuals we collaborate with, and we are excited to contribute to the thriving Indonesian comic industry and beyond.